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Hey there! I want to make my introduction. I’m Martin and this site is all about taking it easy. It’s all about Tampa Bay, Florida. Being on vacation is where it’s at, and if you’re on vacation, Tampa Bay is where you should be. I love being there and if you’ve never had the chance to visit, I want to give you some reasons to add it to your list of places to go.

So you’re going on vacation and you’re looking for a good spot to spend the week. Everyone knows Florida is the place to be, so obviously you’re going to head there! There are so many hot spots for tourism, beaches, restaurants, and clubbing, it’s hard to decide where you actually want to stay. Tampa Bay is the obvious answer and I’m going to tell you why!

Tampa Bay is a beautiful area located on the Western Coast of Central Florida. There are amazing views, nightlife, great food and drinks, and so much culture to experience there. All the attractions could keep you and your family busy for weeks, but unless you have a ton of free time and money, you might have to narrow it down to a few of your favorite choices. I would like to help you figure out what they would be.

Sure, the East Coast has the ocean, but we have the Gulf of Mexico! Calm clear water and beautiful marine life swimming around as far as the eye can see.

Tampa Bay Map

Here at, we want to show you the many amazing options you have for places to stay, restaurants to dine in, and amazing experiences to have. It can be confusing and tiresome to try and do all that research for yourself, so we want to take the work out of it for you and put together a comprehensive list of available attractions so that you can have the best time possible. You are coming here to relax and enjoy yourself, so don’t stress out about all the details. We are here to make this easy on you.

I will be writing posts just for you on my recommendations on the following topics:

  • Hotels
  • Transportation
  • Restaurants
  • Attractions
  • Family Activities
  • Sporting Events / Activities
  • Water Activities
  • Nature / Historical Locations

There is a lot to cover here, and I promise I’ll do my best to break it all down for you.

Good luck on your search for a vacation spot. I hope you choose Tampa Bay as your destination. I know you won’t be disappointed.

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